I had a miscarriage during field work

Today, we are hearing about something that happens so often to women, and to women in the field, but for some reason, our society doesn't seem to want to talk about.  Here is Sanja Hakala's experience with miscarrying a baby while working in the field. Once during an intensive two week field gig I had … Continue reading I had a miscarriage during field work


Showering in the Field… or Lack There Of.

A great read from a fem field biologist this week! As we wind down the field season, or perhaps jump into one, this is a great reminder of what it takes to be in the field. This weeks post comes to you from Alyssa Eby as she shares some of those greasy moments that are … Continue reading Showering in the Field… or Lack There Of.

*TRIGGER WARNING* How to ‘Take Care’

This week, an anonymous contributor shares their experience with a horribly all-too-common problem with remote field research: sexual harassment. And unfortunately, survivors of harassment and assalt can be victim-blamed and shamed for the behavior of another. The author of this submission further provides advice to 'take care' in the field: understanding the resources available to … Continue reading *TRIGGER WARNING* How to ‘Take Care’

Adventuring into Scientific Diving

This week, we're taking the plunge into the world of scientific diving! Elisabeth is an active scientific diver and is sharing some of her diving experiences along with some excellent tips for aspiring divers. By: Elisabeth A. Maxwell(@studentofwater) I’ve been diving for about seven years and have been fortunate to experience a range of diving … Continue reading Adventuring into Scientific Diving


This week's post comes from an anonymous contributor. The experience she shares stems from life outside of fieldwork and contains possible triggers. We urge readers to proceed with caution as this experience deals with intimidation/stalking from an unknown man. By: Anonymous As an undergrad, I had the opportunity to participate in field reasearch internationally. My … Continue reading *TRIGGER WARNING* Staying Safe