Milk, guilt, and turtles

Expectation: Leaving my smiling baby each morning to have a perfect day tracking turtles in the field with one private and sterile 10-minute break to pump out my liquid gold. Reality: Leaving my stinky (but still smiling) baby each morning, filled with milk and guilt. During the day, tracking some turtles but spending a fair … Continue reading Milk, guilt, and turtles

Self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome

Today's post comes to us from two rockstar field technicians on their experiences interacting with the public this last spring-fall, in forest preserves in densely-populated places.   By: Gabby Barnas & Raela Wataha When we first began studying wildlife biology as undergraduates, we both noticed how many men were in our classes. There were also many … Continue reading Self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome

What James Bay taught me about balancing kids and fieldwork

This week we have a story from Dr. Constance O'Connor, a conservation scientist with Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, which describes how she felt when she was faced with how to manage field work while she was expecting:     Sitting on the edge of the plushy couch in my midwives’ office, I took a deep … Continue reading What James Bay taught me about balancing kids and fieldwork