There’s no place like the field for the holidays

We’ve all been there. It’s a special day you normally celebrate with your family. But, instead, you’re with a small group of people in a remote field location.  What is one to do?! Embrace field celebrations, that’s what!! Being in the field for someone’s birthday or another holiday is a great time to get creative.  No decorations present? Use your imagination! Decorate with natural products. Make food you wouldn’t normally make in the field. When we celebrated the 4th of July in the Aleutians, we actually went to ‘town’ (Adak, Alaska – Population 331) and got to celebrate with the local community with fireworks. It was a 45 minute boat ride and 4 hour hike, but it was worth it. If you don’t have that luxury, be sure to do something luxurious around the field camp. Heat up some water for a warm sponge bath if you usually don’t. Convince the field leader to do a little less work to mark the occasion.

“What is one to do?! Embrace field celebrations, that’s what!! Being in the field for someone’s birthday or another holiday is a great time to get creative.”

Make sure to be sensitive to others’ needs for special celebrations. Is the holiday you’re celebrating a Christian holiday but not everyone is religious? Make sure you explain customs/cultures and avoid celebrating holidays that could make people feel uncomfortable. You want holidays to be a chance to come together in a unique celebration and be closer to your field partners – not to push each other apart. Definitely explain how you and your family celebrate particular holidays, and what it means to you. And listen to your field partners – they probably have some unique ideas and traditions of their own! Top 5 tips to celebrate holidays in the field below!

  1. Decorate, even if it’s with leaves, twigs, and flowers.
  2. Make a special food. Food is always super important in the field. Pack a cake mix, or make a mug cake if possible.
  3. Share your traditions and talk about field partners’ traditions.
  4. Work a little less, if possible, to mark the occasion and allow for some luxurious treatments such as climbing up to watch a sunset, a warm sponge bath, time to read, etc.
  5. Play a new game with the field crew. You can’t underestimate how these types of bonding experiences can help solidify relationships among the field crew.

What do you do to celebrate holidays and occasions in the field? Join us on Twitter (#FemFieldSecrets and @FemFieldSecrets) to continue the conversation!

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