A year in review & a year anew

We started the blog in January 2018 with our inaugural blog entry, Periods: Shark bait? … 25 entries and 3,900+ readers later, the year has come to a close. Now at the start of 2019, we wanted to recap the past year and share some new plans for 2019. Thanks to ALL for contributing their advice, stories, and sometimes embarassing experiences in the pursuit of field science. We love the open conversations that have been taking place here, Twitter, and Instagram!



What a year! We had the pleasure of sharing 21 entries featuring 26 different contributors. From field logistics and camp life, to health and safety, and managing family life, our blog contributors offered their unique perspectives to life in the field and beyond the science.

And we certainly can’t forget the bad-ass women and fem-folks who shared their #FemFieldPhotos on Women in Science Day! It is so inspiring to see women across the globe doing what they do best – we highly recommend checking out the photos on Twitter when in need of a pick-me-up!



In addition to our regularly-scheduled entries, here are a few of the exciting things we are planning for this year! In no particular order:

  • Field Science Series: We’re excited to announce a new series of entries where we feature recent publications from field studies. For this science-oriented series, we will summarize a recent paper, highlight the fem-scientists behind the work, and include field stories/advice from the authors. We’ll be contacting authors of recent publications throughout the year; you can also nominate a paper to be featured in an entry by sending us an email at femfieldsecrets@gmail.com.
  • Celebrating Women in Science Day: Like last year’s Women in Science Day entry, we’re looking forward to helping to elevate the talent and diversity of STEM-fem. We hope you join us on Feb 11th and share your #FemFieldPhoto!
  • Promoting Diversity in STEM: Throughout the year, we will be devoting blog entries to topics of diversity and inclusivity in STEM.


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