Calling all FemFieldScientists!!!

wordcloud of #FemFieldPhoto

Word cloud from last year’s #FemFieldPhoto extravaganza for International Women and Girls in Science Day.

Hi everyone! It’s a new year at FemFieldSecrets and we are looking for some new ways to engage the world of women and non-binary folks doing field work.  First of all, we need you!!  We are interested in hearing diverse perspectives from people all over the world about the unique experiences our community has.  Have you been reading through our site and nodding your head and thinking of your own stories? Have you been thinking there are voices missing?  Do you know someone you’d like to nominate to tell their story? Please share this with them and/or fill out our survey and sign up to contribute!

Another mission of ours is to raise the profiles of field science being done by women and non-binary people of color. We are working on a monthly feature that highlights a study done by these especially underrepresented and especially awesome people. Do you know of someone who has published a really cool study and might be willing to do a short interview about the field work that went into the publication? Are you yourself interested in telling your behind-the-scenes story to a publication of yours?  Please share this request and ask folks to fill out our survey.

Lastly, International Day of Women and Girls in Science day is right around the corner on February 11th!  Last year, our #FemFieldPhoto took off like wildfire, with thousands of pictures of fierce fems in the field!  This year, we have a poll out to see what the community would like to see us do this year. Please take the poll and encourage others to, too.

Thanks tons for making this project awesome and for being part of our community!

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