About the Blog

As women, LGBTQ+, and members of underrepresented groups in STEM, we are often faced with a set of unique challenges in the field. We want to create a community where we can gather together to tell our tales, encourage careers and family, share a few unknown secrets to our successes during fieldwork, and highlight some talented individuals along the way.

Being a scientist in the field comes with many perks: amazing study species, beautiful scenery, intellectual conversation with friends. But when you start fieldwork with a list of “what to brings,” certain questions arise. How does one deal with that annoying monthly visitor? How can I still feel like a woman in a field of khakis? Spending months in the field you begin to wonder … Is it even possible to do all this with a family? How can I balance my work life and family life?

We are here to try to give light to these types of questions and gather insights from fellow field scientists across all backgrounds, field techs, students, and teachers to share with the world. Because one person doesn’t have all the answers. But perhaps we can answer these questions together.

Bi-weekly, we feature a new perspective on handling camp life challenges like long-distance relationships during fieldwork, incorporating pregnancy and nursing into field plans, and whatever else life throws our way.

Meet the Blog Curators

Lead Curators

Christy N. Wails (@wailscn)
Full-time PhD candidate and part-time island hermit. I have been studying seabird biology since 2011 … and disappearing to remote corners of the world to do so.

Lauren Lescure (@scure167)
All-the-time field technician. Traveling the world one field job at time, meeting birds and the wonderful things they have to teach me as I slowly migrate my way towards graduate school.

Holly Jones (@dochpjones)
Full-time mom and most-of-the-time Associate Professor. I have worked on ecosystem restoration and island conservation…longer than I care to admit. Falling in the Bering Sea is just one of my many talents.

Associate Curators

Carmela B.



Reshu B. (@bashyalreshu)

Aspiring conservationist from Nepal with particular interest in orchids.  Research fellow at Greenhood Nepal and studying MSc Conservation and International Wildlife Trade at the University of Kent, UK via Chevening Scholarship. 


Rachel F.


Eva G.

Gabby Barnas (@gabbrobasalt)
Urban wildlife field technician. I have probably spent as much time sitting in traffic as I have working in the field. Past research with herps, coyotes, smammals, bats, & more.

Charlotte M.

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