Motivate your crew!

We’ve all been there.  You and your field team have been together for long hours, hot/cold days, bruising tasks, and exhaustingly mundane chores.  Rainy/snowy days stuck inside or stuck working. You’ve probably pulled more than a few ticks off of each other. Your nerves are frayed.  There's no other words to describe the feeling at … Continue reading Motivate your crew!

Introvert Fielding

First off, I get really grumpy when people conflate being an introvert with being socially awkward.  They are NOT THE SAME THING. The way I like to think of being an introvert is that I get my energy and recharge through being alone in solitude.  What this means is that no matter how much I … Continue reading Introvert Fielding

There’s no place like the field for the holidays

We've all been there. It's a special day you normally celebrate with your family. But, instead, you're with a small group of people in a remote field location.  What is one to do?! Embrace field celebrations, that's what!! Being in the field for someone's birthday or another holiday is a great time to get creative.  … Continue reading There’s no place like the field for the holidays