Self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome

Today's post comes to us from two rockstar field technicians on their experiences interacting with the public this last spring-fall, in forest preserves in densely-populated places.   By: Gabby Barnas & Raela Wataha When we first began studying wildlife biology as undergraduates, we both noticed how many men were in our classes. There were also many … Continue reading Self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome

Toxic Masculinity

Content warning: Sexual harassment We’ve all experienced it to some degree.  You’re in the field, in teams often dominated by men, most of whom are great.  But there’s sometimes that one. That guy.  He says misogynistic things. Belittles women. Talks over you.  Mansplains. Assumes you can’t hold your weight in the field. Is quick to … Continue reading Toxic Masculinity

*TRIGGER WARNING* How to ‘Take Care’

This week, an anonymous contributor shares their experience with a horribly all-too-common problem with remote field research: sexual harassment. And unfortunately, survivors of harassment and assalt can be victim-blamed and shamed for the behavior of another. The author of this submission further provides advice to 'take care' in the field: understanding the resources available to … Continue reading *TRIGGER WARNING* How to ‘Take Care’

No (wo)man’s land: Finding your voice in male-dominated field settings

Today’s post is about how to approach field work in a male-dominated world, which is something to which many of us can relate. And while there are varying degrees of this, I’m sure you’ll agree that Kim’s story falls on the extreme end of male-dominated. She provides some excellent tips and tricks for those who … Continue reading No (wo)man’s land: Finding your voice in male-dominated field settings