A death half a world away

Since starting research as an undergrad, my seabird fieldwork has required me to disappear to some odd end of the world for a few months each year. My family and friends have always been supportive, though I was usually met with a slew of questions like you're going to go live on a ... volcano?, wait … Continue reading A death half a world away

Things take the time they take.

Field work has its ups and downs. It can be the best time of our lives and sometimes the most difficult. This weeks blog comes to you from Olivia Box telling her story of tackling those less than ideal conditions in a one of a kind place. We learn a lot about ourselves in the … Continue reading Things take the time they take.

There’s no place like the field for the holidays

We've all been there. It's a special day you normally celebrate with your family. But, instead, you're with a small group of people in a remote field location.  What is one to do?! Embrace field celebrations, that's what!! Being in the field for someone's birthday or another holiday is a great time to get creative.  … Continue reading There’s no place like the field for the holidays

Adventuring into Scientific Diving

This week, we're taking the plunge into the world of scientific diving! Elisabeth is an active scientific diver and is sharing some of her diving experiences along with some excellent tips for aspiring divers. By: Elisabeth A. Maxwell(@studentofwater) I’ve been diving for about seven years and have been fortunate to experience a range of diving … Continue reading Adventuring into Scientific Diving


Well, it's almost officially summer up here in the Northern Hemisphere, and this week, in lieu of our normal blog post, we're trying to collate everyone's one favorite tip/trick for the field on #FemFieldAdvice. Feel free to fill out the survey https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdFFtgzhtQju8BbvazvO9Xh9gN6cOuv-XEBTI8M32qtJRP8PA/viewform or just tweet @FemFieldSecrets under #FemFieldAdvice. Thanks, and happy fielding!