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Raela Wataha

Raela Wataha

I graduated from Juniata College in 2018 with a B.S. in Wildlife Conservation. My post-graduation goals include obtaining an array of field skills while working in new environments before pursuing a M.S. in Wildlife Biology/Applied Ecology. Being bitten by a travel bug as an undergraduate, I have high ambitions to work abroad. So far, I’ve had technician positions in northern Illinois and southern Texas and am loving the oh-so-glamorous seasonal fieldwork life!  You can find me on Instagram.

Gabby Barnas 

Gabby Barnas holds a snapping turtle

Since graduating from the University of Minnesota with my B.S. in wildlife biology in 2017, I have been moving from one seasonal field job to the next. I have largely worked in the Midwest, with the bulk of the last two years being based in the Chicago metropolitan area working with urban wildlife. I am currently looking for graduate school opportunities, with the intent to study urban wildlife ecology and behavioral ecology with a focus on herps. Follow me on twitter (@gabbrobasalt) to see what I’m working on these days, since it tends to change frequently!

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