Who’s your #FemFieldHero?

It’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science today and we are all dying to hear who your heroes are. Please let us know under #FemFieldHero and if you want, add a picture of them, you, or both of you doing some field work!  We can’t wait to hear who inspired you! I have … Continue reading Who’s your #FemFieldHero?

Calling all FemFieldScientists!!!

Hi everyone! It’s a new year at FemFieldSecrets and we are looking for some new ways to engage the world of women and non-binary folks doing field work.  First of all, we need you!!  We are interested in hearing diverse perspectives from people all over the world about the unique experiences our community has.  Have … Continue reading Calling all FemFieldScientists!!!

There’s no place like the field for the holidays

We've all been there. It's a special day you normally celebrate with your family. But, instead, you're with a small group of people in a remote field location.  What is one to do?! Embrace field celebrations, that's what!! Being in the field for someone's birthday or another holiday is a great time to get creative.  … Continue reading There’s no place like the field for the holidays