July’s #FemFieldAdvice

The Boreal summer is in full swing up north, so this week we are featuring some of the responses from our #FemFieldAdvice survey! Keep an eye on Twitter - we’ll be posting more throughout the day and helping to amplify others’ advice, too! Michelle Lavery (@JMichelleLavery) Feminine wipes and micellar water/face wipes can keep you … Continue reading July’s #FemFieldAdvice


Another tale of (re)productive fieldwork

This week's tale is another data point about being pregnant in the field as a graduate student, complete with some excellent advice for mentors and mentees! I'm excited we have two featured on the blog so far, and can't wait for the time when we will have enough to compile a book or something.  Until, … Continue reading Another tale of (re)productive fieldwork


Well, it's almost officially summer up here in the Northern Hemisphere, and this week, in lieu of our normal blog post, we're trying to collate everyone's one favorite tip/trick for the field on #FemFieldAdvice. Feel free to fill out the survey https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdFFtgzhtQju8BbvazvO9Xh9gN6cOuv-XEBTI8M32qtJRP8PA/viewform or just tweet @FemFieldSecrets under #FemFieldAdvice. Thanks, and happy fielding!