No (wo)man’s land: Finding your voice in male-dominated field settings

Today’s post is about how to approach field work in a male-dominated world, which is something to which many of us can relate. And while there are varying degrees of this, I’m sure you’ll agree that Kim’s story falls on the extreme end of male-dominated. She provides some excellent tips and tricks for those who … Continue reading No (wo)man’s land: Finding your voice in male-dominated field settings


Eating your Wheaties… or Not

In the field I can eat anything. Anything except cilantro. For others, though, eating certain foods is more than mild distaste and can have a greater impact on their health. This week, we hear from Collette Lauzau and her experiences with gluten sensitivity and her tips on battling this wheat infested world! By: Collette Lauzau … Continue reading Eating your Wheaties… or Not

Dealing with the post-fieldwork blues

I’m sure everyone at some point during their field season looks forward to heading home. Reuniting with loved ones, rejoining society after being in remote sites, or simply returning to familiarity can be comforting when working away from home. But heading home doesn’t always go smoothly - switching up circadian rhythms, traveling between seasons, and … Continue reading Dealing with the post-fieldwork blues

International Women’s Day!

March 8th is International Women's Day, a day dedicated to embracing the badassery of women, celebrating our accomplishments, and renewing our commitment to achieving gender equality! We're highlighting just a few of our favorite field photos shared on Twitter for Women in Science day. This is only a mere fraction of the truly inspiring photos shared by … Continue reading International Women’s Day!

International travel/field work while breastfeeding – A mommy’s tale

I am excited to share for my first post for this blog, a tale of my experience traveling for field work internationally while still breastfeeding. In short, it’s complicated, harrowing, and sometimes mortifying. In long: I have two girls, aged 7.5 and 3.5 (that half is CRITICAL to both of their identities so don’t you … Continue reading International travel/field work while breastfeeding – A mommy’s tale